Charles’ Creepy Crawlies

Charles Dickens has some new residents – Painted Lady caterpillars! The caterpillars are currently feeding off a special nutrient rich mixture which will make them grow large enough to then turn into a chrysalis. Once these have hatched into beautiful butterflies they will be briefly kept in a special netting cage before being released to enjoy the flowers in the eco-garden. Mrs Buchanan kindly organised this treat for Reception while off having a new crawly of her own. 

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We Have A New Blog –

This is the last post from the office dickens blog – we are moving to by 6pm this evening!

Our new blog looks and feels more like our website and you can access it via the school website as before. You will be able to subscribe to the new blog, just as you did for this one.

Our new blog contains most of our old posts – back to March 2012 and there is a link back to this ‘officedickens’ wordpress site so you can access the archive of photos etc from this academic year. This link is at the bottom of the list of school blogs.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in school life at Charles Dickens Primary School  – we hope you will continue to support us in our new virtual home.

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The Inter-house Geography Competition – Try the KS2 Quiz!

This term Ms Adams, our Head of Geography, organised an Interhouse Geography Competition to encourage all pupils to learn more key geography facts. Everyone did brilliantly and lots of pupils won prizes for their new found general knowledge! A big thank you to Ms Adams for inspiring us!

Why not have a go at the KS2 quiz questions, including the year 5 and 6 ‘India Round’ to support their topic on India  – you will need a world map which you can download below. Use an atlas and google to check your answers! If you can’t find out an answer then post your questions in the comment box and we will try to help.

Let us know how you got on!

map of the world to label

World round

1)   Label the 7 continents on the world map.

2)  Label the 6 oceans on the world map.

3)  Label, UK, China, India, Australia, France, Russia, Brazil, Canada, USA.

4)  Can you name the capital cities of France, Spain, Ireland, Italy?

Picture round

1)   What do these anagrams say?     OREUPE      DINAI       LNONOD

2)  Can you name the country these national flags (see images below)  belong to?

3)  Which countries are these famous landmarks (see images below)  in?

India round

1)   What is the capital city of India?

2)  Name two other cities in India.

3)  What is the famous River in India called?

4)  Name 3 neighbouring countries.

5)  What is the name of the bay surrounding India?

6)  What is the ocean surrounding India?

7)  What city is the Taj Mahal in?

Complete these sentences:

India is the _____________ biggest county in the world

India is _____________ most populous county in the world

UK round

Download this UK map  – uk map to label

1)  What are  the four countries that make up the UK

2)  Label London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Dublin, Cardiff on your UK map

3)  Label the two seas that surround the UK

4)  What continent is the UK in?

5)    Name 4 famous London landmarks.

6)  What is the name of the River than runs through London?


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Newsletter – Friday 18th May 2012

Attached is the newsletter that your child would have brought home from school today, it contains the usual useful information.

Have a good weekend!

news 18-05-12

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Horrible Histories – a sneaky preview of the history of the Olympics!

Yesterday we were visited by a Horrible Histories team who previewed an Olympic song which will be part of the Blue Peter Olympic Roadshow. The song and sketches will be   broadcast around the route of the Torch Relay as part of a CBBC Blue Peter roadshow celebrating the arrival of the Olympics in the UK and helping get CBBC fans in the mood for the Games.

A huge thank you to the Ministry of  Fun for choosing us for this sneaky preview – we are sure that all the Blue Peter fans will love it – we found it both hilarious and , like all horrible history songs,  strangely very informative.  Make sure you look out for  horrible histories if you go and see the torch relay!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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We have new baby chickens! Aaah!

Yesterday our new eggs arrived at the school and are hatching in Gargery class.  10 eggs  arrived and we hope they will all hatch.  First of all, the chicks started to peck their way out of their shells and they didn’t need any help although some clucking from Gargery and Little Dorrit children certainly made them feel at home. Once the chicks come out of their shell, they take a while to recover from all their hard work and need to dry off in the incubator.

Once 2 or 3 chicks have dried off and fluffed up, they are then moved together into the brooding box to eat and drink. The little chicks like company so we move them into the brooding box a few at a time. This morning, 3 chicks had hatched out and by school pick up time, 6 chicks had hatched out.  Have a look at the photos (some from this morning and some from after school)  and the children will keep you updated on the remaining eggs!

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If you are a parent at CDPS and are interested in adopting one/two of the chicks once they are a bit more grown up, then speak to Miss Henderson – she will explain the responsibility involved and what you will need to nurture a happy hen!

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Plague Artists at the Gallery

On Wednesday, five artists from years 3 and 4 went to visit the Dulwich Picture Gallery to take part in a curious and wonderful art workshop.

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The children looked at paintings, by renowned artist Van Dyck (1599-1641) who worked in Italy during the time of the plague, for some inspiration. Children carefully crafted plague masks which doctors wore during the plague. They made plague masks , decorated these with different colours and placed different scents into the beak (people used to believe that good smells would keep them healthy and protect them from getting the plague). The children explored a variety of different scents from various items such as lemongrass, orange, ginger, cloves and what their health benefits would be.

Once children had made their masks they went on a tour of the Picture Gallery wearing them!

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