We have new baby chickens! Aaah!

Yesterday our new eggs arrived at the school and are hatching in Gargery class.  10 eggs  arrived and we hope they will all hatch.  First of all, the chicks started to peck their way out of their shells and they didn’t need any help although some clucking from Gargery and Little Dorrit children certainly made them feel at home. Once the chicks come out of their shell, they take a while to recover from all their hard work and need to dry off in the incubator.

Once 2 or 3 chicks have dried off and fluffed up, they are then moved together into the brooding box to eat and drink. The little chicks like company so we move them into the brooding box a few at a time. This morning, 3 chicks had hatched out and by school pick up time, 6 chicks had hatched out.  Have a look at the photos (some from this morning and some from after school)  and the children will keep you updated on the remaining eggs!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you are a parent at CDPS and are interested in adopting one/two of the chicks once they are a bit more grown up, then speak to Miss Henderson – she will explain the responsibility involved and what you will need to nurture a happy hen!

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