Winston Nzinga – the art of oral story telling from Africa and the Caribbean

Today Winston Nzinga visited the school to enrich the Year 3 and 4 project on Africa. He also spent the morning with Years 1&2, reception and nursery classes, teaching them a wide range of songs and musical accompaniment. He certainly brought the sunshine with him today and one nursery child asked ‘can that man come back tomorrow’ . Sadly, no, but if your child loved his songs, there is a CD you can buy from his website

Winston is an amazing percussionist and storyteller from the Caribbean who filled the children’s eyes and ears with a blend of traditional and contemporary storytelling with music, riddle, call and response and song using African-Caribbean drumming and percussion. The year 3 and 4 classes learnt how simple story telling about animals can be used to explain quite complex issues in friendships. The younger children enthusiastically joined in long songs based on rhyme and telling the story of different folkloric animals.

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