Gymnasts bag Silver!

Congratulations to the Charles Dickens Gymnastics Team and their Coach, Louise Worley, who won overall Silver in the first inter-school Southwark Gymnastics Competition!

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The children competed in three different events; Vault (running up and using a springboard to jump on to and over the vault), Floor Exercise (a routine learnt off by heart including backward rolls and cartwheels) and Body Management (a routine involving splits, bridges and balances). These competition ‘Key Steps’ events ( were designed by British Gymnastics and the competition was judged by Southwark Gymnastics Club.

The pupils were brilliantly behaved representatives of the school as well as superb gymnasts and came back jangling in well deserved medals – some children had three (for independent events, year group awards and the overall awards)! Year 3 took Silver, Year 4 Bronze, Year 5 Bronze and Year 6 Bronze and when all the individual scores were compiled Charles Dickens took the Silver Award!



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One Response to Gymnasts bag Silver!

  1. Barkis parent. says:

    Well done!! You all look like you should be in the Olympics.

    I just wanted to say thank you very very much to Ms Worley….my child didn’t make the team but we heard so much every week at home about the gymnastics lessons in school. They have definitely been a highlight of the year and I hope they will continue. Thank you.

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