Supporting Reading At Home – tips for families!

At Charles Dickens School we are having lots of success with children learning to read when they are little and learning more and more as they get older.
Parent support is always very important in all children’s learning, and especially in reading.
The best readers are nearly always the ones who have had the most fun with books and reading at home.
Some of you at Parents Forum would like to know how to help your children even more. How exciting!
We are going to start with reading TIP OF THE WEEK and do our best to answer any questions you may have.
The non-negotiable tip for every week is that reading and books should always be fun – never a chore and never a stress.


If you read a story to your child it is good to sit side-by-side so that you both have the same view of the book.
Your child will soon begin to notice when it is time to turn the page.
How clever is that?!!
If the book is quite short, it is great to read it all so that your child hears the whole story, uninterrupted.
You can go back to chat about the pictures or the exciting bits after the reading? And before you read it next time?

Our resident reading specialist says,
“Please blog your question about reading.

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