A Material World with Mark Miodownik

Mark Miodownik is a Professor of Materials and Society at UCL.  Years 3 and 4 felt extremely lucky to spend an hour with Mark this morning as he told the children about the amazing inner world of different materials, as can be seen through a microscope. Mark showed the children their skin, hair and their clothes, all up close on his microscope . Year 3 and 4 learnt about the different structures that materials have, when seen up close – everyone was fascinated!

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According the Year 3 and 4, their favourite part was when they were all given a small chocolate egg and were told to suck but not chew it. Mark revealed that the egg should feel cool and this is a result of the cocoa butter which is made up of crystals which then release the sugars in the chocolate. Later on, Mark showed how properties of materials can change by heating up a brick with blow torch and showing everyone how it changed colour. So many children were excited by this science and were overheard saying they wanted to have a job like Mark ‘when they grow up’ .

Thank you so much Mark – you have been really inspiring!

Have a look at Mark’s website and especially his Royal Institution Christmas Lectures

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One Response to A Material World with Mark Miodownik

  1. Barkis and Little Dorrit parent says:

    What an amazing week! The children are so lucky. We heard so much at home about bird man, brain man, Dr Mc Kinnon and a lot about Sameena the scientist from St Thomas’ and her test bottles of liquid. (no one would touch until they realised it was only apple juice!!!!).

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