Trotwood Assembly – The Big Build

On Tuesday,Trotwood, our nursery class performed their first assembly to the whole school and parents. Most of the children in Trotwood are 3 years or just 4 years old.
Everyone was extremely impressed with their confidence in speaking in front of a huge audience and in remembering what to do at the right time. It was especially lovely to see their personalities emerging and how well they worked together. The assembly was created by the children themselves using their favourite learning from this term – the result was a busy and eclectic sharing!
The assembly was all about building and archaeology. The children have been working with Luke, our musician in residence, to use music to recreate the sights and sounds of building projects like The Shard.
They also shared their finds from an archaeological dig on Lant Street and their recent school trips.
Thank you to all the parents who came and supported their child – we hope you were equally proud!






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One Response to Trotwood Assembly – The Big Build

  1. princessj says:

    I love trotwood assembly it was great

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