Independent Projects in Years 1 and 2

All the children at Charles Dickens Primary School have an independent project to work on at home and at school. Each project can last half a term or a term.

Here is an insight into independent projects in Years 1 and 2!

The home learning focus is linked to topic learning although the way each child chooses to execute their learning is up to them. We always see lots of incredibly creative ideas for presenting new knowledge.

In school time, children have chance to practice independent learning ski through both topic lessons and creative project time. Creative project time is a special part of the week when children are supported to execute a project, entirely of their own choosing.  Through planning their own  project, organising their resources, working along side others and constantly reflecting and refining their ideas,  children learn vital skills essential to be a successful learner.

Friday afternoons are a time when children work in groups or independently on these creative projects . Last Friday, we visited Pickwick Class to see the independent projects in action! The children have decided their project focus, often in small groups and the atmosphere was one of busy industry.

One group of 6 children were developing a visual representation of a diary – they wanted the diary to be a series of pictures, in a long sequence, like a journey. There was lots of discussion about the shape of the diary – some children felt it should be a huge circle like a clock or the earth but they struggled to make this happen with sellotape and glue. Next week, their teacher is going to show them the Bayeux Tapestry to see if they would like to build a diary using different materials which can be displayed on a long wall. The group were excited about this but insisted that the wall have to be curved ( like part of a circle)!

Another group was building a very complicated model of a cinema and next week, they told us, they were making a little film to show in the cinema  A very busy and creative afternoon!

Have a look here to see Pickwick class in action. 



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