Learning about ‘doubles’, the active way!

Years 1 and 2 has been focusing on doubling and halving in maths this week. We found some very busy children in the hall, learning about doubling through physical play. There were lots of pairs of hoops positioned around the room. One hoop in each pair contained a number of balls or beanbags etc. The children had to run to a pair of hoops and use the balls, for example, to make a double of the initial amount. They recorded their thinking in number sentences.

In the photographs, you will see how one boy uses careful counting to check and then correct his answer!

‘We love this! We are doing PE and maths at the same time’ said one boy. Lots of great learning to prepare them for using doubling in different contexts. Doubling using objects in a game is a great idea for reinforcing maths learning at home. Click on the class blogs for more ideas.







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