‘This Morning’ The Micawber Class Assembly

Congratulations to Micawber Class on delivering a super class assembly.

Every week a different class shares their learning with the whole school and parents. The creativity and originality that the children reveal through their chosen presentations never fails to impress!

This week Micawber class took on the format of This Morning with 2 confident presenters delivering a slick programme of features all linked to healthy eating.

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We had a rapper and his entourage who was interviewed about how his unhealthy lifestyle had impacted on heart and lungs. A brilliant acting performance here got across the importance of making healthy choices! Next we had ‘Phil Vickery’ and ‘viewers’ showing the audience how to cook up a healthy breakfast and what constitutes a healthy balanced diet.

Time for a quick ‘ad break’ and a ‘pop group’ sang about vitamins and their importance – giving us lots of persuasive reasons to buy them.

Back then to the studio for an agony aunt slot with ‘Denise Roberts’ . Denise reassured a worried viewer that an increasing pulse rate and heart beat when ‘working out’ were good signs that your heart and lungs were being exercised and getting stronger.

Finally Micawber Class hosted ‘Fatima Whitbread’, ‘Mr Motivator’ and their keep fit crew to show the school some fun ways to keep active and how to measure your pulse.

A really entertaining ‘show’ and thank you to all the parents who joined us to watch.

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