HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLES DICKENS – memories of a special day!

All the children had a wonderful and exciting day – the culmination of a special week of learning all about Charles Dickens – his life, his writing and most importantly his links to Borough and the local area. The children have read and performed versions of Oliver Twist, David Copperfield and Little Dorrit. They have written newspapers reports and  book reviews, painted characters, made short films and written biographies of the great writer.

Today we have paraded our costumes, eaten a huge Victorian roast dinner, skyped Charles Dickens School in Berlin, blown out candles and sung our hearts out. We shall all go home exhausted but full of memories  – the week we brought the stories of Charles Dickens to life!

here are some photographs from today

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4 Responses to HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLES DICKENS – memories of a special day!

  1. A parent says:

    At work all day and was feeling sad to have missed the costumes and singing so just wonderful to see all these gorgeous photographs!!!!!! Thank you for sharing them.

  2. It was so exciting to see you all in your hall singing your special song to us and celebrating with us. Wasn’t it great? A hall full of children in London and Berlin singing Happy Birthday together.
    It looks as if your day was as much fun as ours. Thanks!

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