Blog Early, Blog Often

Here are Charles Dickens Primary, we are trying to encourage the children to engage with their class blogs and to write, write, write for pleasure.  We have introduced ‘blog of the week’ for the class who write the most on their blog.

There is lots of evidence that writing for a blog  and through that, an active audience, really  inspires the very best writing from children and a determination to improve.

For more thoughts on this, read about the work of a pioneering primary school in Bolton, where writing levels of boys  have shot through the roof, partly due to the children writing so enthusiastically at home for everyone to see – via the school blogs.

The article below was written by a girl in Year 5, at Ferry Lane Primary School. It is about how she feels blogging has given her an audience.  Her writing literally bubbles over with energy and enthusiasm. If you are in Year 5 ( or indeed any year group), perhaps you could write something?

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One Response to Blog Early, Blog Often

  1. A interested parent says:

    What a great idea! Thank you School Office for sharing this interesting research, and article, with us. I’ll definitely be following Leah’s story and hope my sons will too!

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