Children in Need Part 1 – Mr Mackinnon’s beard

Every Children in Need we try to come up with inventive ways to raise money. One such idea this year was that Mr Mackinnon would grow a beard for 2 months. Given that Mr Mackinnon is usually very smart, the children though this would be an excellent idea and  Mr Mackinnon reluctantly agreed.

We have been collecting lots of sponsorship for the beard growing and Mr Mackinnon has been sporting a rather terrible beard ( we think he looks like a fisherman) until…!

Today was the great shaving day and along came the barber to shave off the beard, in front of an excited audience of children. However there was a twist…all the pupils in the school had voted that Mr Mackinnon was not to have the beard completely shaved off but instead it was to be styled into an interesting moustache.

Thank you to Mr Mackinnon and all the people who sponsored him. The BBC came to film it for Friday’s televised Children in Need event so look out for us!

On a quick note , we have recorded our own version of the children in need song ‘teardrop’ – CDs of our song will be available in the playground for a small donation on Friday afternoon when there will also be a cake sale and other stalls – yum yum!

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3 Responses to Children in Need Part 1 – Mr Mackinnon’s beard

  1. jermaine says:

    THAT WAS AWESOME HE LOOKED VERY DIFFERENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. jermaine says:

    but did it hurt when they used the shard thing????

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