Tuesday at Wick Court Farm

On Monday evening, Miss Chapleo arrived at Wick Court Farm. It has been a quite beautiful crisp autumn day having rained overnight. The children were up bright and early and on their way to Eastington Primary School by 9am. At Eastington, they sang and by all accounts, made lots of new friends. We hope that the Eastington children will visit us in the summer term.

In the afternoon, they visited Slimbridge, a Wetland centre, where among other things, they loved feeding all the swans – we are sure this was the highlight of the trip for Mr Mackinnon.




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3 Responses to Tuesday at Wick Court Farm

  1. nicola says:

    been a hard day today having my daughter away in wick court on her birthday hope she has enjoyed her day happy 11th birthday courtney love mum dad and jessice

  2. rasha says:

    We miss you sooooooooooooooooooooo much it lookes beautiful over there we would like to be with you.
    Rasha and Zack.

  3. rasha says:

    Rasha and Zack
    for Anas

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