Monday at Wick Court Farm

On Sunday evening, 34 farmers from year 6 fell in to bed, exhausted and full of cocoa. They were all up and bright -eyed this morning, working under a scarlet sunrise. They have checked the horses, said hello to the lambs and found all the eggs needed for breakfast. We are rather jealous, here in the office!

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4 Responses to Monday at Wick Court Farm

  1. grace says:

    how are the bed like in wick cout farm ?

  2. Brenda says:

    Hello Reihan the farmer, Auntie said hello and can see you are enjoying yourself.
    Mummy said hello and don’t forget its Mummy’s birthday tomorrow so will be catching up with you tomorrow.Enjoy yourself xxx

  3. Fuduma Mohamed says:

    Hope you all are having a lovely and fab time , Najma hope you are enjoying yourself , malik misses you the most and all of us lot. Hope we see you soon. Enjoy yourself xxxxxxx

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