School Council Feedback

The school council have been reflecting on school lunches and how to make them even more delicious. Each councillor ( there are two in every class) has spoken to their class and gathered ideas from their peers on what is already great about school lunches and what new dishes they would like to see on the menu.

The school councillors then spoke to our cook, Alison, about each of the suggested dishes to see if they were suitable.  Here is their feedback from classes and from their meeting with Alison.

What our children like about lunches:

  • Sitting at round tables
  • The healthiness of the menu
  • The daily salad bar
  • Eating from red plates, proper cutlery and cups
  • Having handwash in the halls.

New menu ideas from classes:

  • Kebabs  – The cooks said that these are difficult to make for lots of children and that the kebab sticks could be dangerous
  • Spaghetti and vegetables  – The cook reassured the school council that this dish is already on our menu!
  • Fajitas and Mexican food – The cook liked this idea and would look into healthier Mexican dishes such as Mexican Chicken.
  • Tandoori Chicken – The cook liked this idea too and said she would look into adding this.
  • Chicken soup – This was another nice idea, thought the cook, and she would look into adding this soon.

Obviously our children enjoy spicy food at the moment and it was great to see how they like healthier options as well as the occasional treat.  The school council has now been asked to find out what the favourite school lunch and dessert is. We wonder what they will be…

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